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I help women build fitness & wellness plans to overcome self doubt, increase confidence, boost self-esteem, and create simple, daily routines that they actually love!

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Feeling stessed? Need healthier habits? Motivation and confidence perhaps?


Are you having trouble getting motivated? Don’t know where to start? Or do you seek a guided action plan? Maybe you’ve just fallen into a routine that doesn't make you exceptionally excited to jump at your day!  Whatever is holding you back from taking control of your life, fitness and mindset, I have tools to help you build healthy habits that last and live your ideal lifestyle. 

Who is Jenn Benson?

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Jenn Benson understands the journey of women today, because she has been there. She was searching for self-confidence,motivation, support, a guide, a community, a simple action plan, a growth strategy that worked, and a way to reduce stress!


When Jenn struggled to find these things, she created them. Through online courses, retreats, group programs, and one-on-one coaching, she teaches other women the steps to live a healthy, fit, and happy life.


As a health & wellness coach for women, Jenn helps you to create sustainable goals and plans, master self-compassion, and develop simple habits that can be applied consistently.  She helps you find exercise that you enjoy, make fitness a part of your daily life, and build confidence, strength, and awareness through mindset training.


Jenn's Simply Transform in 12 group coaching program  dives deep with 12 weekly focus activities. This holistic approach of building awareness to the mind, body, & soul is what results in a full life transformation.

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I Know Your Struggle....

"What I was lacking in my life when I struggled with this very same thing was:









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A woman's transformation guide to enhanced health and wellness in 12 weeks 

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​Join my FREE masterclass and begin to take steps closer to a healthier and happier you!  What you'll learn:

  • UNCOVER the seven areas of well-being.  

  • Learn how to FOCUS on just one area to change.

  • CLARIFY what you need, what you want, why you want it.

  • Become empowered and ready to take ACTION.

  • Find your ACCOUNTABILITY partner.

  • Master BELIEF in yourself, ASSESS what is working, and learn how to make your goals stick this time!

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Download The Ultimate Resource Guide to Breaking Up With Your Couch packed with goodies that will make an immediate impact on your life.

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