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A woman's transformation guide to enhanced health and wellness in 12 weeks 

2 Min Video

Jump in NOW to Summer Experience.   Registration ends June 30th and program Begins July 6th!

What Can You Expect?

A GUIDE (that's me!): I have created the entire health habit map for you. I am simply just steering you in the right direction and off you go!

A Private COMMUNITY: This will be our safe, non-judgmental meeting spot online to support, encourage, share, brainstorm and relate. 

A SIMPLE ACTION PLAN: Each week will have a healthy habit focus with simple action steps.  You will be supported with all of the resources you will need. 

FUN: Seriously, let’s not be so serious!!! Us ladies need some fun in our lives and we are encouraged to do so.

What Are Clients Saying?

I did the 12-week experience with Jenn and LOVED it!  I struggled with getting my body moving, sitting too much, and taking the time to slow down and think about things.  What I LOVED about the 12-week experience was that it helped my "to do" in a was that wasn't overwhelming and wanting to give up.  Jenn was AWESOME in that she was ALWAYS there if I was struggling with something to help me work through it.  The support from the other women was  HUGE benefit for me even after the program was over, I still keep in touch with them.  If you are on the fence about doing the 12-week group coaching experience, do it for YOU because the care, support, and encouragement you will receive while working through the different weeks will leave you a BETTER person.  I know I have changed for the better and I am thankful to Jenn and her program

Grace M

AWARENESS.  Jenn's 12-week experience is about building awareness.  You don't have to master each topic.  The weekly coaching videos are nice and I would love to see more quizzes on the weekly topics.  This way we are retaining more when we learn.  The habits and behaviors introduced, may or may not happen.  However, that is where participants need to do the work.  It was the breaking these steps down...I loved it.  It made me much more aware of things.  Thanks Jenn!

Janie T

I joined this program hoping to regain some focus and become more efficient so I could do all the things I have to get done in a day.  Instead, I learned to slow down, to be at peace,  and to focus on all aspects of my health - mental, emotional, physical and nutritional.  I thought I'd learn to manage my stress, instead I learned how to release that stress through the healthy habits.  Even though I've completed the 12 weeks, all the material and tools are mine so I can revisit each session when I need to.

Ann Marie

Jenn Benson Simply Transform in 12 Logo

Do You Ever Find Yourself Saying...

I want to be part of a community of women that are dealing with the same lack of motivation I am...

I want to form healthy habits that last a lifetime!

I know exercise is good for me but I hate it...

I want a simple action plan free of intimidation and overwhelm!

I want some accountability and encouragement to get started...

I want weekly manageable focus that is already mapped out for me...

I want to get started but I don't know where to start!!

Jenn Benson Simply Transform in 12 Logo

If you answered YES to any of these, what if I told you that you are in the right place?

What I was lacking in my life when I struggled with these very same things was a GUIDE, a COMMUNITY of like-minded women, a SIMPLE ACTION PLAN, ACCOUNTABILITY, and lots of FUN! And this is what so many of my clients are in need of. So...that is exactly what I am offering.  Let's get started!!

Discounted Price



Priced For Your Success

My program is designed to be affordable.  For only $8.30 a day you can transform you life.... your coffee & bagel is more than $8.50 a day! 

LIFETIME Access - Private group with members of our exclusive club, + ALL Facebook Lives


12 Video Coaching Modules outlining the weekly focus


Weekly downloads including e-books, resources, checklists


Weekly Giveaways


4 Live Q &  A Calls With Jenn



Your Transformation is not an expense, it is an investment....

Hear From Past Clients...

I was really at a low point both physically and emotionally before I started this program.  I was under an inordinate amount of stress, and I was feeling kind of lost.  Then I saw the advertisement for the 12-week Experience, and I thought, "This might be exactly what I need to help me find myself."  I am so glad that I participated in this program!  Jenn has a way of making me look forward to things that I normally dread.  I love how she breaks everything down into small steps that anyone can take.  I have learned so much over the past 12 weeks, and developed habits that I know I will carry with me for the rest of my life.   If you are on the fence about this program, my recommendation is to take the plunge and DO IT!  You will not regret it. 

Dana S

I decided to join Jenn’s 12-week Experience simply because I needed some wellness focus during the hectic summer months. What I actually experienced was so much more! Not only did we have our weekly tasks to focus on, but Zoom “meet-ups” kept all of us connected. My favorite part of the experience was my accountability partner who Jenn paired me up with who has become a friend for life! The lifetime take-aways and habits we implemented over the 12 weeks were priceless.

Betsy H

The 12-week Experience gave me the knowledge and tools to set and achieve my wellness goals in a very personal, flexible, and supportive environment.  I was encouraged to continue to expand upon my existing health habits, while being introduced to additional healthy habits that I could choose to incorporate into my life (or not).  The purpose of the program is to help YOU determine which habits will truly help YOU be successful in achieving YOUR goals.

Tara R

Jenn Benson Simply Transform in 12 Logo

The 12 Week Schedule



Build a daily writing practice and watch your well-being come to life!



Moving counts.  Find ways to move and add enjoyoment to your day.


Self  Compassion

Love the person you are.  Hug it out!


Functional Fitness

Learn the moves for average daily living that help you prevent injury and stay functional throughout your life.



Discover what's holding you back and find clarity to move forward.



Exercise done your way.  Start with 5-minutes and build your way up.



Chillax.  Discover some methods that help to melt the stress away.



 Let's get back to the basics.  Experiment and have fun with your food.



Why be negative?  I mean really...why?


Mother Nature

Spending time in the great outdoors heals the soul.  Get out there!



 Create your ideal healthy lifestyle by practicing it in the mind's eye.


Take Action

 Set goals with purpose and intention to make them stick.

Client Success Stories

Kay G.

Jenn is an amazing trainer--motivating and engaging. I find she tailors to my needs and is well work your time and moneyl She has changed my life; I have reduced meds and am more fit than I have been in decades! I cannot say enough about her expertise or her help. I like that she consistently follows up after training and designs programs individually

Jenn helped me through a difficult period of my life. I was scheduled for brain surgery and knew I should be strong for the operation. Jenn treated me with compassion and understanding. We worked on strength training and proper breathing. I came through the surgery really well and I credit Jenn getting me into shape! Thank you Jenn!

There is so much more to Jenn Benson. She really makes each and every person feel special, like you you've been friends with her your whole life. She is kind, caring, energetic and positive. Her outlook is infectious! But most importantly, she takes the time to listen. She gets the whole picture and then works within your lifestyle to make it work for you.

Pamela B.

Karen P.

What Will I Learn?

 Form Social Connections 

Develop strong social connections with women on the same journey  

 Learn Self Compassion 

Master the self compassion and bring more happiness into your life. 

 Develop Consistency

Learn to apply simple habits over time and develop the consistency to make them stick this time! 

 Set Your Highest Goals

Learn to set amazing goals with intention and purpose and how to follow through with them! 

 Actually Enjoy Exercise 

Learn how to enjoy exercise and make if part of your daily life  

 Build Lasting Life Skills 

Increase strength, awareness and overall confidence that will permeate into every aspect of your life 

Jenn Benson Simply Transform in 12 Logo

"Inspiring motivator who has transformed my fitness!"

"She is an amazing coach, who's become a good friend."

I Want toTransform in 12

"Join us for 12 life changing and Transformational weeks" 

Join Now Before June  30th

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