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Jumpstart your Life

This package includes (3) 60 -minute sessions to get you started with many clients choosing to work closely after our initial three sessions. This process includes assessment, strategy, and creating your health and well-being action plan. Let your healthy lifestyle begin today!

$355.00 / 3 sessions

VIP Coaching 

With me as your health guide and accountability coach, we will use this 60-minute session to dive deep. You will be provided with the necessary resources and a clear action plan that will help move you forward in your health and wellness journey. Each session is a new discovery! Sessions will be via phone or video call. Your choice!

$125.00 /session

Jumpstart your Fitness

This package includes (3) 60-minute sessions. 


The first session is a comprehensive fitness and lifestyle assessment measuring muscle strength, weakness, body composition, cardiovascular health, balance, stability, flexibility, BMI, weight, and overall lifestyle. 


The second session will be demonstration of all of the exercises in your custom built exercise plan. You will be provided with a detailed description of exercises and we will complete them side by side. 


The third session, you will complete the exercises on your own with my guidance if needed and we will set goals based on what you want to achieve with your plan.  Package includes 2- bonus accountability check-ins after the final session.

*Sessions are in-person. This offering is for locals only!

$599.00 Package

Accountability Check-in Calls

If you are in need of someone to check-in with you every week, discuss what is and isn’t working, tweak the plan, ask questions, and help create an action plan for the upcoming week, this would be perfect for you. These sessions are 25-minutes and will provide the support and guidance you need to keep you on track. 

*Sessions are via phone or video chat.

$ 45.00 /session