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Jenn Benson is the Best Resource for Life and Fitness Motivation in Atlanta, GA


Move from chaos to clarity with the help of health coach Jenn Benson’s FREE goal setting masterclass aimed at helping you live a healthier, happier more fulfilled life.

This self-paced course is comprised of 7 modules that will help you learn how to uncover the seven areas of well-being and focus on the one you are most ready to change. From there, you will determine why you are most focused on changing that one thing, and then finally helping you become empowered and ready to make a change.  


Jenn has come up with 5 secrets of goal setting that are easy to follow and guaranteed to make them stick. Jenn has extensive experience personally with this journey as well as with clients over many years as a women’s empowerment coach in Atlanta, GA.  

  • Uncover the seven areas of well-being.  

  • Learn how to focus on one area you are most ready to make change.

  • Clarify what you want/need... and why.

  • Become empowered and ready for action.

  • Learn the 5 SECRETS of goal setting!

  • Learn how to make your goals stick this time!

Free Guide Included!

"At the end of this course, you will feel less overwhelmed and have a simple, clear action plan that you can start applying to your life right away." - Jenn Benson

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